Cebu, Philippines

Welcome to Cebu City! The Queen City of the South…
Photo 6-7-14, 13 38 03
Checked in at Jpark Island Rerort and Waterpark
Photo 6-7-14, 13 23 04
The view from the room…
Photo 6-8-14, 13 43 15
Day 1, tourist mode on at Jpark

Photo 6-8-14, 13 14 57

Photo 6-8-14, 13 23 24
White sand of Jpark Island
Building dreams together with Olaf
Photo 6-7-14, 11 22 27
Casa Verde
If you want to eat the best #Steak in town, you must never miss Casa Verde… And this huge chocolate shake, btw, is good for sharing…
And so, after surveying the hotel, I would say it is so safe dressing up like this…
Photo 6-7-14, 14 55 39
Feeling owner of the resort, so beautiful…
and peaceful…
So that night, I went to see Lapu-lapu. One significant person in the history of Philippines… He fought against the conquerors and shoo them away…
And did you know that Cebu is also the center of Catholicism in the Philippines? It was believed that the first Catholic Mass was held here
After the mandatory visit to Lapu-Lapu shrine, headed to Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu City for a Sky Adventure
Tried this #EdgeCoaster, basically they will tilt your seat about 55 degrees and you’re already facing downwards… and you are 131 meters above ground!
After trying to kill myself, I headed to #Zubuchon – the most popular restaurant in Cebu.
Zubuchon, the best pig ever! This is where Anthony Bourdain visited, and he loved it!
Monastery in Cebu


Photo 6-9-14, 13 15 44
Pedro Calunsod Church in Cebu
Photo 6-8-14, 17 23 53
Lighted a candle in Basilica del Santo Niño
Cebu is also popular in making guitars. Most people in Cebu are musically inclined.
Besides guitars, one of their products is #Danggit… Just be ready to smell like dried fish when you go to Taboan.
Was also able to try Radisson Blu, such a nice place…
Photo 6-9-14, 17 24 32
On my last day in Cebu, I never wanted to miss Larsian, the best place for grilled everything… I almost got late for my flight home…
Photo 6-8-14, 12 25 23
Imma miss Cebu… I always miss this place…

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