Cebu, Philippines

Welcome to Cebu City! The Queen City of the South…
Photo 6-7-14, 13 38 03
Checked in at Jpark Island Rerort and Waterpark
Photo 6-7-14, 13 23 04
The view from the room…
Photo 6-8-14, 13 43 15
Day 1, tourist mode on at Jpark

Photo 6-8-14, 13 14 57

Photo 6-8-14, 13 23 24
White sand of Jpark Island
Building dreams together with Olaf
Photo 6-7-14, 11 22 27
Casa Verde
If you want to eat the best #Steak in town, you must never miss Casa Verde… And this huge chocolate shake, btw, is good for sharing…
And so, after surveying the hotel, I would say it is so safe dressing up like this…
Photo 6-7-14, 14 55 39
Feeling owner of the resort, so beautiful…
and peaceful…
9 3
After the mandatory visit to Lapu-Lapu shrine, headed to Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu City for a Sky Adventure
Tried this #EdgeCoaster, basically they will tilt your seat about 55 degrees and you’re already facing downwards… and you are 131 meters above ground!
After trying to kill myself, I headed to #Zubuchon – the most popular restaurant in Cebu.
Zubuchon, the best pig ever! This is where Anthony Bourdain visited, and he loved it!
Monastery in Cebu


Photo 6-9-14, 13 15 44
Pedro Calunsod Church in Cebu
Photo 6-8-14, 17 23 53
Lighted a candle in Basilica del Santo Niño
Cebu is also popular in making guitars. Most people in Cebu are musically inclined.
Besides guitars, one of their products is #Danggit… Just be ready to smell like dried fish when you go to Taboan.
Was also able to try Radisson Blu, such a nice place…
Photo 6-9-14, 17 24 32
On my last day in Cebu, I never wanted to miss Larsian, the best place for grilled everything… I almost got late for my flight home…
Photo 6-8-14, 12 25 23
Imma miss Cebu… I always miss this place…

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