Tarlac City

The summer getaway never stops… It’s time to take advantage of the holiday (Labor Day). 

30 April 2014, the troop took a 4-hour (maximum) bus ride from Pasay (Five Star) to Azaya Garden Resort in Capas Tarlac.

For less than a thousand pesos, you can already avail of a kubo where you can sleep well for the silent night…

This place is just near Metro Manila, but will bring you to a very different world
In Azaya alone there are a lot of activities offered already, and only for 300 pesos… 

1. Zip line

2. Rappelling

3. Swimming

4. Obstacle Course

5. Fishing

6. Fresh air by the rocking chair

7. And of course, the whole place is good for photo-ops

CSR builders gave me another free rappelling as a birthday treat
6 am and still haven’t slept


Just outside Azaya, there are eateries where you can choose from
The only time we are silent – eating time
After the fun adventure, we headed straight to Isdaan, Gerona, Tarlac, to have our lunch… Deli food, plus the lovely theme of the place. We stayed there for a couple of hours, just took pictures and played around with fishes. The servers are the entertainers, too. 
Next stop, we looked for tupig, my favorite delicacy in Tarlac. Then we decided to see the Luisita Park, walked a few and decided to go home after a long, tiring, yet very fun, adventurous day… 

We don’t need to go farther, there are places near Metro Manila that can bring us somewhere out of this polluted city world…


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