Philippine Passport Application

12 July 2013

I had an appointment with Dept. of Foreign Affairs at 0830H as I was about to apply for my passport. I was there at 0650H to make sure that I get a slot for processing. Pardon me, it was my first time.

Step 1: Verification

Upon entering the establishment I was asked to present my appointment slip that I got from DFA Passport Appointment System. Then I confirmed my schedule at the Verification Table. Afterwards, I was advised to wait at the waiting area.


DFA officer checked the attendees if they were in right appointment areas. Gave instructions on processes, and responded to applicants’ concerns..


We were told to proceed to Screening area where documents (birth certificate, application/ appointment form, valid ID’s, and its photocopies) relevant for application were submitted.

Also, they asked about availing of the express (7 working days) or not (15 working days) processing of passport. Then, the personnel gave me an order of payment slip.

Step 2: Payment

I presented the payment order and paid for the amount which depended on the processing days I have availed for. Express processing is PHP 1,200. After paying, I proceeded to a table where a number was given for my designated processing area.

Step 3: Encoding

Personal data were encoded, picture of me was taken, signature and biometrics, too. It is important to double check the data before leaving the processor’s area.

You can choose whether you want your passport delivered to your home address or office address. I just paid PHP120 for the courier. In seven (7) working days time, passport will be delivered to your doorstep…

I commend DFA for the efficiency! Finished my Passport Application in 2 hours…


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