Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

So, it was a typical vacation day and we were really itching to go out to have another bonding moments… So we decided to try wake boarding this time…

Another “dunno where to go” kind of day.
Photo-ops while finding free The Bus!  

Although, upon checking the website, we discovered that there are free shuttles from Market-Market and other pick-up points in Metro Manila going to Nuvali. We were late for the pick up time though, so we had to go to Buendia, Makati.

Rode the bus in Buendia going to Sta. Rosa, just less than an hour to get to Paseo de Sta. Rosa. From there, we took the business class shuttle going to Nuvali Republic Wakepark.
They offer free rides in Nuvali, yehey!
Bicycles for rent at Paseo de Sta. Rosa for only 60 pesos per hour, but we weren’t able to rent because they require closed shoes.
You may also try Koi feeding/ watching in Paseo de Sta. Rosa. Lucky fishes as Feng Shui says..
Walking is also a good option, Nuvali is one of Ayala’s sustainable community developments so it is super safe to walk around.


Just an hour away from Metro Manila, you can already enjoy the rest of the day at Nuvali Republic Wakepark
There are different rates for wake boarding, they have the gears for rent so no need to worry… Our was for 4 hours only since we also need time for swimming, eating, photo-ops, and et cetera
Of course, swimming is just one of the many things offered in Nuvali. For only a hundred pesos per head, for the whole day
As usual, we go to a place without thinking of HOW we are going back. Anyway, our faith was so strong that we waited for a free van to stop by and take us back to Paseo de Sta. Rosa. True enough, after 40 minutes of moon gazing, vandalizing, and looking like this a free ride came to us. 

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