First Timer

I could still remember my first out of the country – 02 August 2013

I got too excited that I almost forgot about my safety since I am not gonna be in my comfort zone this time. So I did an assessment of things I had to consider before I go out of the country.

Here they are:

1. Passport must not be in 6 months to its expiration date. Every immigration is keeping an eye on possible human trafficking in their territory, so try to avoid that.

2. Know the country, research beforehand:

…A… Their currency, it’s better to have your pennies changed in your own country already because it has a higher value there than the other countries.

…B… Their power outlet, you might want to buy multi adapter plug. Then you can just bring extension wires… Less hassle in charging your gadgets

…C… Their transportation systems, which is the best and the most convenient to and from your chosen hotel and destinations

…D… The weather, especially if the country has winter. You might need to add raincoat if it’s rainy season already, or sunglasses for the summer! This will give you a hint of your set of outfits for the entire travel

…E… The best tourist spots, with limited time, you might consider crossing out other places which gives least interest to you

…F… The best restaurants or streets that offers their cuisine. Don’t go to other countries just to find a common fried chicken, duh?

3. Consider a bag that you can carry around for your passport, cellphone, camera, power bank,  water, tissue, wallet, chargers and cords, alcohol/ sanitizer, wet wipes, extra clothes (in case of change outfit), raincoat, et cetera…

4. Bring just the right number of clothes and toiletries for the travel, you’re not migrating anyway! Leave a space for the souvenirs or you can also bring an extra bag for it, unless you want to spend for it – unbudgeted.

5. Comfy footwear, “thou shall not get tired” is the travelling mantra. Also remember, a good pair of shoes will take you to good places.

6. In all airports, it is a MUST that you don’t wear sunglasses and hats. Airports have the highest security measures, so don’t look suspicious – you don’t want to delay your travel!

7. You passport is you life in other countries. Read the Philippine Passport Act of 1996 for more details. Remember! Noone other than Philippine Embassy has the right to confiscate your passport…


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