Pagkilatan, Batangas

It was a lazy 1430H of April 2014 when my crazy friends and I decided to go out of town. So, we did – without second thought…

We didn’t know though where we were going so we decided to just look through the internet while on the bus.

We had a free ride going to Magallanes courtesy of Crazy No. 1’s father. Then, we had another free ride going to Sto. Tomas, Batangas courtesy of Kuya Charles, Crazy No. 2’s classmate from the masters. Unexpectedly, we forgot to pay the van (going to Tambo, Lipa) as Crazy No. 1 was not asked to pay. We were also busy finding a place to go to that time, hence decided for Kamantigue Beach and Diving Resort. Afterwards, we took the 35-peso jeepney ride from Tambo going to Barangay Pagkilatan, karma in an instant as we missed a few meters already. And so since we were travelling for like the whole day, we agreed to have snacks at Mabakong.

Just us, three college girls, on an adventure of a lifetime.


Unfortunately, there are no jeepney rides to Kamantigue Beach and Diving Resort beyond 1800H anymore, so we walked a few million miles for almost three hours (which Mabakong people claimed to be a 20-minute walk only), from one side of the mountain to the other.

Stupid decisions make good memories – sometimes… Most of the time, it’s dangerous. Thank goodness, Batangenos are kind-hearted
We only have moonlight for the light…

Zero visibility as the seconds… minutes… hours passed. We’ve encountered some most-probably-not-vaccinated-for-anti-rabies-street dogs; drunken men whom we can’t ask because we’re more afraid of them than walking in the dark. When we finally reached the resort, there were no available rooms anymore, but Granny saved us (she’s a relative of the Kamantigue Beach and Diving Resort manager) — good karma amidst the long tiring not-so-good-girls day.



Granny and Daniel aniki (the manager of Kamantigue) transferred us to Kuya Obet’s (another resort in the neighborhood) for our accommodation. Affordable room was provided by Granny, plus free dinner out of pity for us three who walked dangerously that night. Granny was really worried and amazed at the same time as she couldn’t imagine what we’ve done that day.

These were the days when both mentioned resorts are under construction.

We had nothing prepared for the trip, so the whole day we enjoyed swimming was also a day full of Lumpiang Shanghai, millennials’ favorite childhood junk food – evah!

The next day, Vitamin Sea! – as if nothing thrilling happened the night before.

Truly, Granny is our savior as she prepared breakfast for us – again, for FREE!

There were no monopods yet, so we improvised a bamboo into one. Resourceful defined!
Time to salten up!
T’was worth the stupid decisions tho!
Payat Days
View from Kamantigue Beach and Diving Resort…
Tan Lines
Literally burnt to the bones. I thought tan lines were sexy, i was wrong. It’s painful and itchy 😦
And yes! we reached the destination WITHOUT THINKING OF HOW TO GET BACK HOME!

Special thanks to lovely Batangeños who adopted us… We don’t deserve any of it, but thank you. I loved all the lessons I’ve learned and another culture I’ve known.

Lesson: Trying new things you’ve never done and never imagined of doing are best done with real crazy friends who got your back as you watch theirs.


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