Baler, Aurora

I always crave for the sea…

The view of it really brings me back to life, what more if it slaps you with its roaring beauty?

0230H of 18 April 2014, our journey to Baler started. We took a cab (from Pasay City) to Genesis Transport, Inc. bus terminal in Cubao, Quezon City since it is the only bus liner that offers a straight, quality travel from Manila to Baler. Unfortunately, we failed to catch the first and last Baler trip for that Good Friday. So we decided on an alternate route which is via Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. After two hours of Cubao-Cabanatuan travel, we rode a 300-peso van from Cabanatuan to Baler.
It was already 0930H when we arrived at Baler, Aurora. We were all famished but wanted to get a room to secure our things first. So we prioritized looking for a hotel where we could get a decent rest. We were so lucky that while walking along the beach we were found by a great family who almost adopted us for the two-day stay in Baler. So grateful that of all the many people in Baler, we were the ones found by mommy Vina Melendrez and her family. Mommy Vina let us pay 3,500 pesos only for an air conditioned room – we can use their kitchen to cook our own food and we have a full access of everything in the house, plus their house was just near the beach – all those for 2 fun days.
After checking in at Mommy Vina’s, we divided the team into two groups (with three folks each), one going to the public market (since they are very much willing to go to the 30-minute trike away public market) and the other three – us (who just ate at the nearby convenience store in Sabang beach). After we ate, we slept for a few good hours to retrieve the lost energy from the long travel.
After recharging ourselves with a good nap, we started the fun getaway by experiencing the beauty of Ditumabo Falls, a one-hour walk from the base camp (full of rocks, running clear water, and different species of plants). That night, we went straight to the beach and took a teaser splash on the waves of the Quezon’s surfing pride.
The next day, morning, surfing time! The local guides conducted an orientation on the basic surfing, then threw us to the waves enthusiastically in an instant as if we already know how.
“In surfing, your size/ weight is not a big deal. Just have the right board and attitude when it comes to timing and balance.” – Mr. Surfer told me
After a few attempts, I finally managed to ride the waves. Yey!
If you still have time, you may visit the Aragon house right across the old church of Baler.
Aurora Aragon Quezon is the wife of Manuel L. Quezon
Around the house, you will see Filipinanas on display – the national costume of every Filipina
This was the President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines’ car
Baler Church or San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Church was erected in 1611
You will rarely see refreshing “sari-sari” stores like this now… The best resting area while drinking cola
It broke my heart, though, that we weren’t able to go to the century-old Balete Tree (more than 500 years old now). It is just 30 minutes away from town. It was said that it needs 60 men to encircle to its trunk.
Surfing is something new I’ve tried, finally… And i am looking forward to trying more new things… I am deeply in love with Baler!

To know more about Baler, Quezon visit their website at Baler, Aurora Philippines

Credits to Elfred Batindaan for some of the photos on this blog.


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