Burnt In Paradise

Everyone loves the sea, beach, island, and everything about summer. The only problem is that most people worry about getting a darker skin afterwards – not me. Every time I go to summer getaways, I always make sure to enjoy the moments 100 percent-ly.

To be able to achieve that, here are a few tips I’d like to share before getting cool for the summer:


1. Number 1, and always will be – drink a lot of water at all times.

2. Always bring sunblock to protect your skin. Moisturizer, too.

3. Don’t forget to eat, figure doesn’t matter at all. So as cleavage, stretch marks, and size. A real sexy man/woman is the one who can carry himself/ herself no matter how they look like… But do not forget decency!

4. Bring a camera! Remember, take nothing but memories. We only have one life, everything we experience is temporary so we should cherish every beauty of it. When we get older, we can look back to these photos and bring back the wonderful memories in an instant.

5. Dont’ forget a monopod!! Trendy nowadays but really makes sense, when you have no one to take photos of you, you can do it on your own, as much as you want and as many as you can. You won’t need to disturb others on their vacation, too. LOL!

6. Bring waterproof pouch, another must-have for travels like this. You can still take photos without worrying about your gadgets.

7. Wear sunglasses, aside from being “fashionista,” it is a must to protect your eyes (while having a sight-seeing of macho gwapitos around).

8. Bring a bag that can carry your stuff and the one that won’t hassle your travel. Leave a space for take-homes for the loved ones.

9. Powerbank is a must-have, too. Getting low battery gadgets is not a problem anymore.

Lastly, always enjoy! Forget about the city, free yourself from anxiety… Wherever you are, BE THERE!


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