Boracay Island

My first time to visit Boracay.


Photo 6-15-14, 9 07 30
Puka Beach, so overpowder-ing feeling
Photo 6-15-14, 9 09 37
Lovers’ Quarrel with OLAF. He wanted to stay longer under the sun
Photo 6-15-14, 9 45 54
Obviously burnt all corners of my skin, and to the bones
Credits to Patio Pacific for an overwhelming accommodation, they even sent me a mug as appreciation – all the way from Boracay

Photo 6-13-14, 12 20 27

Patio Pacific bathroom

Boracay experience is not compete without gimmick!!! WaveBar EpicBar
Gonna go for a bottle of beer with Olaf.
Obligatory pose
Do not miss to take the memories of your best moments using your monopod... Secure gadgets with waterproof pouch, tuloy ang ligaya ng lagalag na bata
If you’re feeling oily already, just pinch a powder around
Never miss the near-sunset moment!!!
In love with this place
Patio Pacific Hotel at a very affordable rates for a nice accommodation
Don’t forget a selfie stick and a good outfit, both is equal to a good photo
There’s no staying white
Bulalo Steak at I Love Backyard Barbeque Restaurant in Boracay... Only that you need to reserve seats hours before...
Sizzling Bulalo at I Love Backyard BBQ Restaurant, near D’Mall
Puka Beach, Boracay Island
Crystal Clear water at Puka Beach
some people are worth melting for moment with Olaf at Puka Beach...
Olaf loves summer so much
Photo 6-14-14, 17 51 59
And of course, Boracay’s sunset. Thou shall not miss

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